4 Reasons You Didn't Sleep Well Last Night

Sometimes bedtime is a battle. You get in your comfiest pajamas, lay down on your Zonkd mattress with the full intention of getting a good night’s sleep, but instead you toss and turn all night. You couldn’t sleep more more than a few moments before finding yourself waking up yet again and staring at the ceiling. Why is this happening? Here are a few reasons and what you can do about each of them:

You Were Too Pumped Up

Did you just come home from a fun night of dancing at the club? Did you have one too many shots of tequila? Did you go to the gym later than usual, or have a cup of coffee after dinner? Excitement, alcohol, exercise, and caffeine can keep you awake. Rather than try to go right to bed, do a relaxing activity, like reading a book, meditating, or taking a hot bath. Give yourself a chance to chill out before hitting the sheets!

Your Bedroom is Not Optimized For Sleep

Your bedroom should be your escape from the world. It should have a relaxing, calming effect on you. Is the lighting in your bedroom too harsh? Are street lights peeking through blinds? Are you distracted by the glow of a television or an alarm clock? What about noise - does your spouse snore or does a neighbor play music in the evening? For lighting issues, try blackout curtains and stash the clock somewhere out of your view. If neither of these solutions is an option, a comfortable eye mask is sufficient. If noise is the issue, you may want to invest in a pair of Bedphones or a white noise machine.

Your Sleep Schedule is Off

Going to bed and waking up around the same time every day is optimal for a solid sleep experience, but sometimes life throws us curveballs. We don’t always have control over our schedules, so there may be a day or two that you have to wake up extra early to take your niece to school or you may have to stay up late to finish a project. When this happens, try to cut yourself some slack. Give yourself extra time to relax before bed. If you had to stay up late, give yourself a little extra time to sleep in.

Your Health

If falling asleep is becoming a chronic issue, you may have a health issue. Heartburn, breathing problems, and mental health conditions such as depression can cause sleep problems. If you are experiencing sleep issues for more than a week, contact your doctor.

Sleep Well on a Zonkd Mattress

If you are having trouble falling asleep due to an old mattress that’s lumpy and uncomfortable, upgrading your mattress could certainly help you get a better night’s sleep. All Zonkd mattresses include an ingenious 3-layer foam system designed for a cool, comfortable sleep. Check out our line of specially designed mattresses and pillows. You’ll be on your way to a better sleep in no time!


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