4th of July is Coming! Check Out Our Favorite Ideas for an Unforgettable Independence Day

If you’re like us, the phrase ‘Independence Day’ conjures up deep feelings of patriotism and images of kitschy red, white, and blue Americana. Add the smoky smell of grilled meat, and a deep urge to set off the loudest, most explosive fireworks you can find, and you may think you have the perfect 4th of July on tap.

While all of this is excellent, we have some additional ideas to bring your holiday up a couple of notches. Best of all, they’re easy, unique, and affordable.

Play a Round of Golf

    Let’s face it - you probably only ever get to play golf on the weekends. Take advantage of the Fourth falling mid-week this year and fit in a quick round when the courses are likely to be quiet. If you want to feel patriotic, throw on some nice red, white, and blue golf shorts to fit the theme of the day.

    Jump Out of a Plane

      If just setting off fireworks isn’t quite doing it for you anymore, why not take your thirst for thrill-seeking things up a notch? Nothing says you love the USA more than dressing up in a red, white, and blue jumpsuit and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Bonus points if you can do it in the midst of a fireworks display!

      Watch an Air Show

        If you can’t swing skydiving, what about an air show where you can watch real professionals defy death? Check local event calendars to see if something like this is going on in your area. Some July 4th fireworks celebrations even incorporate mini airs shows as part of their festivities.

        Go to a Hometown Holiday Celebration

          We love when towns host symbolic readings of the Declaration of Independence or present historic reenactments. If there’s a band playing God Bless America, all the better! Attending patriotic events just makes the day feel more special.

          Go to a Baseball Game

            We don’t know about you, but a baseball game is the perfect accompaniment to a good Independence Day celebration. Check out the minor leagues - they’re often chock-full of themed events and often incorporate fireworks at the end of a holiday game.

            Go to an Amusement Park

              Theme parks, water parks, and carnivals are a fun way to spend the 4th. Extra points if they have a historical focus. Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens are a fun east coast option incorporating history and thrills in one great venue.

              Go Shopping

                If you’ve been putting off the purchase of a big-ticket household item, Independence Day might be the perfect time to buy. Many manufacturers offer holiday sales, Zonkd included. In fact, we’re discounting all of our premium sleep products, including our pillows and our Talalay latex memory foam mattresses. Shipping is free and you get 110 days to try it out risk free!


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