What is the Best Pillow to Fit Your Sleep Style

When you set out to improve your sleep experience by buying a luxurious new memory foam mattress, are you remembering to buy a new pillow to go along with it? When it comes to spinal alignment, choosing the best pillow is just as important as choosing the best mattress.  

We bet you didn’t know pillows, along with the mattress, are an essential part of your overall sleep system. It’s essential to coordinate that system correctly if you want to ensure not only a great night’s sleep, but a more rested, productive you in the morning.

But what’s the best pillow? Since all pillows aren’t meant for the same thing, it’s helpful to know a bit about sleep styles and pillow materials before making a final choice.

How Do You Sleep?

You’ve probably been told at some point in your life to pay attention to your posture. Believe it or not, this is also important in bed. Your goal when sleeping should be a neutral spine position. Your goal should be to have your neck, shoulders, and lower back aligned horizontally. Failing to do this could mean a stiff neck or sore back in the morning.

The key to maintaining good sleep posture includes a pillow that supports the position in which you sleep - either lowering or raising your head so it stays in alignment with the rest of your body. You should be considering your primary sleeping position - side, back, or stomach, and purchasing your pillow accordingly.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers need a pillow that’s comfortable but not too high, since extra height can misalign your vertebrae. Look for a thin pillow with head cradling foam that provides support, isolates movement, and maintains shape through the night.

We recommend: Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow, a thinner profile pillow with the support of memory foam minus the heat-trapping side effects.

Side Sleeper

Maybe you start out on your back, but the rest of the night you sleep on your side. If so, you’ll need the support of foam, but should look for added padding. This will help fill in the empty area between your shoulder and ears while also keeping your head elevated and spine properly aligned.

We recommend: Zonkd Hybrid Pillow. This side sleeper pillow has a fluffy outer layer for comfort combined with a foam internal layer for extra support.

Mixed Sleeper

Some people switch positions throughout the night. Pillows for mixed sleepers should still provide adequate support while offering all over softness.

We recommend: Zonkd Down Alternative Pillow. It has a buttery soft, bamboo cover and a lightweight, down alternative core with hollow fibers to allow for air flow and temperature regulation. The core offers loft that won’t flatten, and the outer down alternative layer provides a plump, spongey feel.

Stomach Sleeper

Experts agree - back sleeping is bad for your neck and back. Our pillows are designed to make you want to sleep in a better position.

We recommend: Starting with the Zonkd Down Alternative and transitioning to our Hybrid or Serene Foam pillows once you’ve broken the stomach sleeping habit.

All of our pillows are hypo-allergenic with removable, machine washable and dryable covers so they’re easy to keep clean and won’t trap dust and allergens that can make you feel sick.

Plus we offer a 110-night money back guarantee, just like on our mattresses because we’re that confident you’ll agree our products create the perfect sleep system for you.

Right now through July 4th you can save $15 on any Zonkd pillow by entering USA15 at checkout. If you're not ready to make a decision, join our newsletter and we'll keep you updated on all upcoming promotions!


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