Common Mattress Myths Busted


Mattress shopping is often compared to car shopping. There is a ton of research to be done and you never know if you're getting the best possible deal. With Zonkd, you can be sure that you are getting the very best quality mattress at a truly incredible value. We know this because we started from inside the sleep industry, so we have some insider knowledge, which we'd like to impart on you to help make mattress shopping more comfortable.


All memory Foam Sleeps Hot

During customer satisfaction polling, many memory foam mattress consumers reported that their memory foam mattress slept hotter than a traditional spring mattress. The great thing about consumer polling, is that it allows for manufacturers to take into account customer feedback and update their products, which is exactly what Zonkd has done.

Zonkd knew that many sleepers found memory foam mattresses to sleep too hot, which is why we infused copper-gel into memory foam of our mattress. Copper is a naturally occurring heat conducting agent; this means that as you sleep, the Zonkd mattress is working to draw heat away from your body and disperse it evenly throughout the mattress.

Zonkd took it a step further with the mattress’s second layer. The middle layer is made of aerated Talalay Latex foam, which encourages better airflow, ensuring that the heat doesn’t get trapped, which will keep you cooler all night long.


Your Back Needs a Firm Mattress

This myth comes from the idea that the firmer the mattress means better support for the spine. However, too much support (or in other words a mattress that is too firm) can cause painful pressure points, which will eventually cause the sleeper to toss and turn all night and can knock your spine out of alignment. It’s important to realize that firmest isn’t always best, and to take into account many personal factors, which brings us to our next mattress myth.


One Size Fits All

One of the reasons Zonkd was created was to bring options back to the bed-in-a-box industry because the one-size-fits-all model doesn’t make sense. Sleep is a very personal activity, and no two people sleep exactly the same. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and because of this, a mattress that works for one person might not be great for another. When choosing a mattress, it is important to take into account multiple different factors, like sleep style, comfort preference, weight and what sleep problems you typically deal with. With Zonkd, the sleeper can take a Chiropractor-approved quiz to find their perfect mattress.


Every New Mattress Needs a Box Spring

While it is absolutely true you should never rest your mattress on the ground, whether or not it needs a box spring depends on the type of mattress. Traditionally, spring mattresses need box spring for the correct give and support that makes a bed comfortable. However, if you’re looking into a more modern mattress, like an all-foam one, you can opt for the more sleek foundation and frame combo, or even a platform bed.


More Money Means a Better Bed

When shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar mattress stores, the higher the price likely means that the mattress will be of higher quality. However, we urge you to consider researching and purchasing a mattress online, where the higher the price doesn’t equal higher quality. By shopping with Zonkd, you are getting the best possible value for a high quality product because we don’t have the insane markups that you will find in mattress stores. We ship the mattress directly to you from the warehouse, so you know there is no middleman price increases.


Your Mattress Will Feel Perfect Your First Sleep

Like your favorite pair of shoes or jeans, the first time you step into them, it’ll feel a little stiff. But within a few days, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place. The same can be said for a mattress. If the first night on your mattress doesn’t feel perfect, that’s okay. There is typically a two-week break-in period for your body to get used to sleeping on a new mattress. You will soon find that your mattress perfectly cradles your body in comfort as you fall asleep. Or your money back.


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