Don't Buy That Bed in a Box Until You've Read This: Comparing Leesa and Zonkd

Leesa or Zonkd. Which is better? We know you’ve probably ended up here because you’re in the middle of mattress shopping, you’ve heard about both brands, and you want to know how a Leesa mattress compares to a Zonkd mattress.

While we happen to think Zonkd makes a pretty great product - our combination of durable, natural latex foam and copper gel infused memory foam provides the perfect combination of cooling, support, and comfort, we still think you should have plenty of information about both products because it doesn’t matter what we think. It matters what you think.


The Materials

Leesa’s mattresses are constructed of three layers of polyurethane foam totaling 10 inches in height. The 2-inch top layer is Avena foam, a polyurethane, synthetic foam manufactured a bit differently than traditional memory foam so it feels more like natural latex. Its rippled design - is said to promote air flow for a cooler sleep. The next layers include 2-inches of memory foam, and a 6” base foam layer.

The 12-inch high Zonkd mattress is comprised of a top layer of copper gel infused memory foam. The copper gel helps this layer cradle and conform to your body. And copper, one of the best conductors of heat, does an excellent job of keeping you cool as you sleep as it pulls heat away from your body. The next layer is made entirely of premium Talalay latex foam, a natural foam that’s bouncy and supportive, providing all the benefits of memory foam without making you feel trapped and sunk in when you lay on it. The final layer is a solid foundation designed to provide long-lasting stability and support.


Feel / Firmness

Leesa offers one mattress option, coming in toward the middle end of the firmness scale - it’s around a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Because the Talalay manufacturing process allows the foam to be created in different densities, Zonkd can offer multiple firmness options, giving consumers more choices. Zonkd’s mattresses are available in soft, medium, and firm and price is the same so you get to choose what’s right for your sleep preference.


Germ Defense

You’ve all heard about how mattresses are big collectors of dust and dirt. It’s true - think about everything we bring into our homes, from pet dander, to outside dirt, to bacteria and viruses when we are sick.

Leesa mattresses are hypoallergenic - they include a mattress cover to protect the foam from dust. Zonkd mattresses are not just hypoallergenic. They’re also antibacterial and antimicrobial. Both Talalay latex, which is mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mite resistant, and the copper, which is antibacterial and antimicrobial, offer superior defense against all those gross things that contribute to us feeling less than 100 percent.



Shipping and Return Policies

Both Leesa and Zonkd offer free shipping and returns, a generous trial period, and a 10 year limited warranty. But Zonkd’s 110-day trial period is longer than Leesa’s 100-days, giving you even more time to be absolutely sure our product is the right one for you.

Try us out and see for yourself why Zonkd is the best bed in a box memory foam mattress on the market.


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