Dreams and their Hidden Meanings

Dreams are a collection of images and emotions that create a story our brain tells us while we are sleeping.  We do our best dreaming while we are in our deepest sleep known as REM cycle.  Most people do not remember their dreams when they wake up, but researchers believe we have 4-6 dreams per night.  Some experts believe that dreams exist to help our subconscious process emotions or help solve problems in our lives.  Check out the below top 7 dreams and their meaning.


  1. Dreams about falling- a symbol of stress in real life or something isn’t going well.
  2. Dreams about being naked in public- You may be feeling vulnerable or exposed. Is there a secret you’re trying to keep hidden?  It may help to find a friend to confide in.
  3. Dreams about being chased- Is there something in your life that you are not addressing? Stop putting off that hard conversation or inevitable change.
  4. Dreams about losing teeth- Most people believe this is a symbol of insecurity and anxiety. It’s time for a GNO to boost your confidence!
  5. Dreams about dying- this sounds morbid, but most likely means the end of one thing (relationship, career, etc.) and the beginning of something new. Embrace change.
  6. Dreams about taking a test- There is a lesson or past test in our lives that we need to learn from. Recognize your mistakes and don’t repeat them.
  7. Dreams about flying- depending on how well you are flying relates to how much control or power you feel you currently have. Flying high and you are confident and secure.  Skimming the ground and trying to avoid obstacles, you may feel frustrated and helpless.



To help you understand your dreams, keep a dream journal beside your bed so when you wake up you can write down everything you remember before you forget your dream. 


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