Essential Sleep Accessories

A great sleep experience is more than just a pillow, mattress, and bedding! We all have different needs when it comes to getting a great sleep. Some of us crave silence and darkness, while others need some kind of distraction to put our mind at ease. Here are a few essential sleep accessories for all different kinds of sleepers:

Eye Mask or Eye Pillow

An eye mask or eye pillow is a simple accessory used by those that crave complete darkness as they drift off to sleep. A comfortable eye mask allows your brain to sense complete darkness and release sleep-inducing melatonin into your body. An eye pillow also blocks out the light, but has a bit of extra weight. Some find the extra pressure to be relaxing.

White Noise Machine

If you find yourself constantly interrupted by your partner snoring, a house creaking, or your neighbor’s dog barking, you may want to invest in a white noise machine. A white noise machine creates ambient noise that drowns out these “peak” noises that cause you to wake up. White noise can also be generated by a fan, air purifier, or a white noise playlist on your phone.

Sleep-Inducing Playlist

Speaking of playlists, if you require music to calm down as you drift off to sleep, a playlist loaded up with sleep-inducing music is a must-have accessory! You can find quite a few playlists designed to help you sleep on Spotify, or you can subscribe to Deep Energy 2.0, a podcast filled with music and sounds for sleep and meditation.


If you listen to music or white noise and your partner doesn’t, Bedphones are definitely a worth investment. Wearing earbuds to bed can be uncomfortable, and can even cause health problems. Bedphones effectively block out noise and it’s thin design is much more comfortable.

Wake-Up Light

A great night sleep is awesome, but you have to wake up sometime! Would you rather wake up a screeching alarm, or the warm subtle glow of a sunrise? The Philips Wake-Up Light mimics a natural sunrise, waking you up with light instead of noise!

Mattresses and Pillows Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Zonkd is committed to providing the the best sleep experience for everyone. All Zonkd mattresses include an ingenious 3-layer foam system designed for a cool, comfortable sleep. We also offer a line of pillows for all sleep styles. Our specially designed mattresses and pillows are the ultimate sleep accessories. Get yours today!


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