Explained: The Difference Between King Mattresses and California King Mattresses

To be completely honest, before I entered into the mattress industry, I had no idea that a California King mattress was even a thing. I had heard of all the traditional sizes obviously, but in my 22 years of living I never encountered the term California King. So, when I first heard of it, I was amused but also confused. Multiple questions ran through my head, like “If I had never heard of a California King and I grew up and lived on the east coast, does that mean they only sell them in California?”


Obviously that is not the case, as Zonkd sells both King mattresses and California King mattresses across all the states. However, we have met some customers who are also confused by the California King and King mattress. One loyal customer told us that he and his wife argued for hours over whether or not their bedframe was built for a California King or a King. Luckily, they ended up with the right sized, but to avoid the possibility of someone ordering a King mattress when in fact they need a California King, we thought we’d clear up the difference right here, right now.


So, without further ado, the difference between a King mattress and a California King is that a King Mattress (76"W x 80"L) is four inches wider (left to right) and four inches shorter (head to toe) than a California King (72"W x 84"L).


There you have it folks. If you are unclear what size mattress your bed frame is, maybe it’s time to break out the tape measure. Who knows, maybe all this time you’ve been sleeping on a California King when you thought you were sleeping on a King. 


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