Feed Your Sleep - Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

Sleep experts suggest eating your last meal of the day at least 2-3 hours before going to bed, but sometimes life has other plans. Maybe your meeting ran late and your cheap boss didn’t want to spring for pizzas. Now, you are exhausted, but also STARVING since you haven’t had dinner! Going to bed hungry can lead to restlessness and discomfort, so you should most definitely have a nosh before bed if you find yourself in this situation. You want to avoid eating a large meal before bed, so small, but satisfying, snacks are what you should aim for. Here are a few suggestions for foods to eat before bedtime:


Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are packed with protein and healthy fats. Conveniently, they are also a source of sleep inducing melatonin! Almonds are also a source of magnesium, which is known for improving sleep quality. Eating too many, however, may cause your stomach to hurt.  A small handful should be sufficient enough to quell hunger.


There’s a reason everyone gets sleepy after that big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving! It contains an amino acid known as tryptophan, which increases your body’s production of melatonin. It’s also packed with protein, so you don’t need to eat that much of it to satisfy your hunger. Grab a couple slices from the meat drawer in your fridge for pre-bedtime snack!


If your not super hungry, cherries are a great for pre-bedtime snacking. They contain melatonin, and studies have also shown that they may improve sleep duration and quality. Drinking a small glass of tart cherry juice will also do the trick.


There is something so comforting about a warm bowl of oatmeal before bed! It’s high in carbs, which is known to make you drowsy. Oats are also a source of melatonin. You should, however, avoid adding sugar to your oatmeal, as it could disrupt your sleep. Use a natural sweetener, such as honey, instead.

Hot Tea

Enjoying a hot cup of (decaffeinated) tea such as chamomile has a calming effect. It will please your tummy and calm your mind. You’ll be off to dreamland in no time!

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