Finding the Sheets that Best Fit Your Sleep Style

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, a comfortable mattress is super important and the foundation for a solid snooze. But what about the things that go on top?

No, we’re not talking about you, your partner, your kids, or your dog. We’re talking sheets. If you’ve shopped for sheets lately or … ever … you know how many choices are available. There’s flannel, silk, bamboo, cotton, polyester, and Tencil. And that’s not even considering thread counts!

Because we don’t want you to sabotage an awesome night’s sleep on a fabulous mattress, we thought we’d do a little research and provide you with the ultimate guide to the perfect sheet.

1. Material

American Upland, Pima, or Egyptian cotton are by far the most popular fabric for sheets - cotton tends to have a soft, luxurious feel and are extremely breathable so you won’t wake up feeling clammy.

Bamboo sheets, made from plant fiber, are very soft and durable. Harsh chemicals are used in it’s production, so it may not be as environmentally friendly as other options.

Tencil is a natural plant fiber made from eucalyptus pulp. Its production is more environmentally friendly. It’s cool, but not quite as breathable as cotton.

Polyester is man-made and can be stiff and scratchy on it’s own. It’s usually combined with other materials, and can be a durable, and stain resistant choice that’s especially great for kids.

Silk sheets are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and extremely soft. They require proper care- hand-washed, then wash in the delicate cycle after.

2. Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Typically, you’ll find that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Look for thread counts of 200 and higher.

3. Sateen, Percale, Twill, or Flannel

Did you ever see these terms on sheets and wonder what in the world they meant? Sateen, percale, twill, and flannel refer to the weave of the sheet and affect the overall feel.

Sateen is the most luxurious, with a subtle sheen and smooth feel. Added bonus - it’s wrinkle resistant.

Percale is tightly woven and provides a crisp, cool, finish.

Twill has a diagonal weave, is durable, and hides stains well.

Flannel’s brushed texture and is ideal for colder weather.

4. Proper Fit

Check the height of your mattress and make sure the fitted sheets have deep enough pockets to stay firmly on the mattress. There is nothing more frustrating than sheets coming loose in the night because they’ve popped off the corners of your bed!

5. Care

Sheets should be washed in warm to hot water every other week to fully clean body oils and dust. Too-hot water and dryer cycle can shrink fabric so be gentle! Never use chlorine bleach - it shortens the lifespan of fabric and breaks down the elastic in fitted sheets. Dry sheets separately to keep excess lint from clothes and towels from building up on the fibers.

What do you think are the perfect sheets this summer to top a Zonkd premium mattress? Choose carefully! The right combination may make you never want to leave your bed again!

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  • I can’t stand my pillow because it’s not firm enough! I have 24/7 migraines as a side affect from a brain aneurysm that Isn’t removable & I just can’t get a good nights sleep.

    Valerie Kuehn on

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