How a Purple Mattress Compares to a Zonkd Mattress

So let’s get real here, folks. You’ve started the initial process of mattress shopping, you’ve come across two products in particular that you’re intrigued by - Purple and Zonkd. Still, you’re a bit overwhelmed and you just want an honest-to-goodness answer - how exactly does the Purple Mattress compare to a Zonkd Mattress? Which one is better and why?

Good news. We’ve done much of the legwork for you, comparing Purple with Zonkd in an effort to make your online buying experience just a bit less challenging, and your final decision a whole lot easier.

Don’t Trust Us. Trust Independent Mattress Reviews

Mattress Advisor recently reviewed Zonkd against other well-known brands. They ranked Zonkd’s $999 premium copper gel and Talalay latex foam mattress higher than the all new Purple Mattress, which is nearly $2000 more expensive!



The Original Purple mattress has a stretchy, spandex cover, a smart comfort grid layer made of a hyper elastic polymer, and two layers of memory foam. The total mattress height is just 9.5.” The cover is zippered so it can be removed, but according to Purple, you should never attempt to wash it, as that will result in shrunken fabric that won’t fit back on the mattress. Purple recommends an additional purchase of a mattress protector for $49.

Zonkd mattresses are 12” high, with an antimicrobial washable cover over two layers plus an extra supportive foundation layer. The first layer is made of copper gel infused memory foam designed to shape to your body for optimal support. The second layer is made of Talalay latex foam, a natural, highly breathable, hypoallergenic product. The bottom support layer is a solid base designed to provide extra stability over the life of the of a zonkd mattress - zonkd mattress layers


The original Purple mattress comes in just one option and firmness setting. It’s pretty firm, around a 6.5 - 7 on the a 10-point firmness scale. The grid pattern of the top layer is quite different with a very different feel that may take time to adjust to. While it’s supposed to provide good support and dissipate pressure points, it’s worth noting that the more weight on the mattress, the more sinkage and hug a person is likely to experience.

Zonkd’s hybrid latex and copper infused memory foam mattress offers three different firmness levels of equal quality and price. The Talalay manufacturing process allows the foam to be constructed in different densities, and thus different firmness levels, so you get to choose the option that’s perfect for you. Plus, latex offers a bouncier feel, so you don’t end up feeling sunk-in and trapped because you don’t sink down into the mattress, or find yourself struggling to escape from it.


The top layer of purple has a square grid construction, over two layers of traditional memory foam. The grid construction enhances airflow to keep the layer closest to your body cool.

Zonkd approaches cooling strategically, with a copper gel infused memory foam top layer. Copper gel is known for its superior cooling ability - it does an excellent job of pulling heat away from your body. As an added benefit, copper is antibacterial and antimicrobial so it protects against the growth of fungi, molds, and viruses that have the potential to make you sick.

Risk Free Trial

Zonkd and Purple both offer free shipping and returns in the USA and a 10-year limited warranty. But Zonkd gives you 10 additional days - 110 days vs. Purple’s 100 - to try out the mattress and ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Try Zonkd out and see for yourself why we’re the best Bed-in-a-box / mattress-in-a-box memory foam mattress on the market that you can order from the comfort of wherever you are.


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