How Does the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow Compare to a Basic Memory Foam Pillow?

Comparing the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow to a Basic Memory Foam Pillow

You may have heard that memory foam pillows, like memory foam mattresses, offer great support, especially for back sleepers, as they contour to the natural curve of your head and neck while, providing superior, even support.

But traditional memory foam also has some negative aspects that make it less than ideal. It can hold heat, it’s not very reactive so it doesn’t recover quickly when you change your head position, and it can become firmer when the ambient temperature is cooler.

Here at Zonkd, we figured there had to be a solution, and we began exploring alternate options that would perform just as well as our mattresses in terms of providing superior comfort.

We settled on Serene Foam for our back-sleeper foam pillows, instead of standard memory foam and here’s why we think you’ll agree it’s the superior choice:


A Serene Foam Core Won’t Lose Its Shape

Traditional memory foam is extremely reactive to body heat, so once it’s warmed up from contact with your body, it retains the moulded shape and doesn’t quickly bounce back. Who wants to move their head in the middle of the night only to find lumps because the dents from the old position are still there?  

Serene Foam is comprised of tiny air pockets that help air flow through it and keeps it from getting hot. The result is foam that bounces back for a more comfortable experience no matter how often you move your head around.


Supportive Air Technology Means a Cooler Night’s Sleep

There are some people whose head gets super hot when they sleep. Combined with traditional memory foam, which is known for holding heat, the result is a rather damp experience. Aside from putting a towel on your pillow, what’s a super-perspirer to do?

The same technology that puts millions of air pockets in Serene Foam also means improved air flow and better movement of heat away from the head. Less heat, less sweat, more comfort.


Serene Foam Is Less Affected by Ambient Air Temperature

Because of its advanced construction, Serene Foam is less affected by ambient air temperature. Regular memory foam can stiffen up when a room is cool, making it less comfortable. Serene Foam is not affected by cooler or warmer rooms - it’s consistent regardless of temperature so it stays comfortable every time.


Serene Foam is More Durable

Serene Foam is a high density poly foam with a strong cell structure that makes it more durable and long lasting than standard memory foam. This means it’s longer lasting and offers better support for longer for your head and neck!

We encourage you to try Zonkd’s Serene Foam pillow. Like our mattresses, all of our pillows are CertiPUR-US Certified, and come with both a 110-night money back guarantee, and a machine washable and dryable hypoallergenic cover.

And right now, we’re offering $225 off your order when you order both a Zonkd premium mattress and one of our premium pillows, so it’s a win-win choice for you!


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