How to Convince Him to Stay the Night at Your Place


We’ve all been there: it’s a Tuesday night. After some back and forth, you’ve conceited to crashing at your better half’s place. You have to rise at the brutal hour of 5:30 the next morning just to get on work on time. This involves packing a toothbrush, work clothes, gym bag, makeup, toiletries, and whatever else it takes to become a full human the next morning. Does he have food there? Better pack a protein bar in case. And some allergy medicine for the assault your nostrils will take from months of dusty neglect.

You can distill this scenario in two different ways: 1. As a professional woman, you have enough multitasking to do without worrying about lugging around six bags every time you spend the night at his place. 2. Logistically speaking, it just takes more to get yourself out of the door than it does for him.

Want to convince him to cozy up at your place next time? Here are a few quick pointers to appeal to both of your interests:

Create a sensual space

I’m not just talking about “sensual” in the bedroom sense here (although, it’s hard to ignore when we’re talking about the boudoir). I’m talking about playing to the senses as a whole. If retail stores can bring in more customers with inviting smells, surely you can lure in the person who loves you with the same tactic.

It makes sense though: people enjoy spaces that please the senses. Thoughtful decor for the eyes. Aromatherapy for the nose. Plush sitting and sleeping arrangements to appeal to our sense of touch. Inviting music or background noise for the ears. And satisfying snacks for the tongue.

Keep a well-stocked fridge

You know that old adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, there might be some truth to it. Before you start quoting Betty Friedan, hear me out. Gender aside, food is a social, bonding experience (namely, cooking together). If he’s less inclined to come over for fear of an empty stomach, it might be a good idea to take a trip to the grocery store to sweeten the pot.

Besides, no one likes to go to bed hungry.

Establish a good connection

—WiFi connection, that is. Internet service is cheap and makes streaming movies easy. Make it easy for the both of you to stay connected, yet unplug.  What better way to end a long day than to “Netflix and chill” on a cozy mattress together?

Compromise where needed

Inherent in every relationship is some difference in taste (more difference for some than others). While this is normal and healthy, there are some small tweaks you can make to remedy some of the tension.

Does he hate the sight of dirty dishes in the sink? Do some scrubbing before he comes over. Does his eye twitch every time you play that one band he can’t stand? Maybe listen to something else when he’s there. After all, you want to cultivate an enjoyable experience for the both of you. (It goes without saying here that this and everything above is a two-way street.)

If for nothing else, this is good practice for if you ever do move in together.

Buy quality pillows

If you’re trying to convince him to lay his head at your place, make sure where he actually lays his head is comfortable. No one likes putting their head on a rock or that doesn’t support their head properly.  Do you like firm where he prefers downy soft?

Not to worry, there’s more than one quality-made pillow option out there and the 3-year limited warranty will give you peace of mind as well.   

Invest in a comfortable mattress

I once had a year-long relationship in which I could count on one hand how many times my boyfriend stayed at my place. The reason? I was sleeping on a $175 mattress from a discount department store. He couldn’t stand it. (From the cracking sounds my bones made in the morning, I don’t think my body could stand it either.)

Do yourself and your partner a favor by investing in a thoughtfully engineered mattress. Zonkd mattresses stay cool with unique copper technology (so he won’t be rising at 2 AM to turn the thermostat down). The mattresses’ intentional design is created for ultimate comfort and support (even for the most fickle sleeper). And they come with a risk free 110-night trial and 10-year warranty to boot.

Not sure what type of mattress you need? There is a sleep quiz you could take or in a goodwill gesture take with your significant other to see how compatible you two are.  

Sleep easy with a cool, comfortable mattress big enough for the both of you (swinging elbows, blanket hoggers, and all).


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