How to Get HER to Stay the Night at Your Place

You know the drill. You’ve been in a relationship that’s growing increasingly serious. You want to be together more than apart, but you each have your own place with your own things, and sleepovers, while fun, aren’t exactly convenient.

If you want to get her to stay the night a little more often, there are some simple ways to push the scales in your favor, so you aren’t both playing out the “parting is such sweet sorrow” scene car-side every night.

Make Some Space

When you’re on a trip, what’s one of the first things you do in your hotel room? That’s right - you unpack your stuff, hanging clothes in the closet and setting up your toiletries in the bathroom so everything is easy to access and find. That’s because living out of a suitcase is hard, and having to hunt for your things adds extra time and frustration to your life.

Your girlfriend probably feels the same way about staying over at your place. She needs to be able to easily access her things so she can get ready for work easily without feeling like she’s camping out. But she also doesn’t want to feel like she’s intruding on your space.

Make her feel like she’s welcome, by carving out a designated spot in the bathroom for her toiletries, maybe buy her usual shampoo and conditioner so it’s always on hand, and making some space in your closet for a few of her things.

Keep it Clean

Let’s be honest - women are more attentive to cleaning than men, and their noses are more sensitive to smells. You might never notice the soap scum in the tub or the locker room smell created by the gym clothes on the floor, but she will.

It doesn’t take much to clean up your place so it’s more inviting. Get in the habit of washing your sheets at least every two weeks, wipe down the rim and sides of the toilet, and buy a hamper for the clothes. Add some subtle scents so it smells nice overall. And for goodness sakes, you have a vacuum. Go ahead and run it before she comes over - it only takes five minutes.

Buy the Good Stuff

What’s her fave food and drink in the morning? Whether it’s coffee, orange juice, fruit smoothies, or eggs … make sure you have plenty of it on hand. Not only will it save her time when she’s rushing to get to work, it’s a great opportunity to show off your cooking skills, and to show her you care.  And while you’re at it, don’t negate the thoughtfulness of having coffee on hand by buying the cheapest grocery store brand you can find. Splurge for the good stuff.

Make Sure Your Technology is Up to Par

She’s a professional woman - she may need to do some work while she’s there, whether it’s answering an email or finishing a proposal. She’s much more likely to feel the need to leave if you don’t have adequate download speeds and your wifi is so spotty she’s being kicked offline every two minutes. It doesn’t cost that much extra for the super fast service and having it will benefit you as well.

Invest in a Good Quality Mattress

You might tell yourself that your college-era futon offers the best night sleep you ever had but come on, you know it’s not true. Do you really think that lumpy thing is going to benefit you when you’re trying to convince her to stay?

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