How to Sleep Well On Vacation (When You Can't Sleep on Your Zonkd Mattress)

The team here at Zonkd would like to apologize to any of you out there who’ve recently purchased one of our mattresses. We know you’ve been getting the best sleep of your life since purchasing our premium hybrid talalay latex and copper gel infused memory foam creation. But you have to go on vacation at some point - everyone needs a break - even if it means giving up the life-changing experience of your new sleep system for a little while.

To make things easier on you, we’ve pulled everyone together to brainstorm some fail-proof tips to help you sleep well while you’re away, even if you have to endure a lumpy hotel mattress or the college-era futon in your friend’s guest room.

Essential Oils and a Diffuser for a SCENTsational Vibe

We know someone who traveled for work often, and brought candles with her on every trip. It’s an intriguing idea since research bears out the fact that certain scents have a calming, sleep inducing effect. Instead of a candle, though, consider bringing a small vial of essential oil and a diffuser on your next vacation. Not only can it help you relax, but it may help clear out any funky hotel room smell as well.

Queue up the Tunes

There are a wide variety of compact portable speakers available that are perfect for travel. They’ll fit into your luggage without taking up any space and make it simple to play your favorite tunes. And if you use one of those handy sleep apps that provide calming sleep sounds, the speakers can help amplify those sounds, too.

Work Out the Kinks

An outdoor, seaside massage? Yes please! What better way to start off your vacation than with a massage? Consider exploring spa options and booking an appointment at your destination for the day of your arrival so to work out the kinks from your long trip and get into immediate relaxation mode.

My Eyes! Block Out Ambient Light with a Sleep Mask

We sleep so much better when the light is kept to a bare minimum. That’s because our bodies release melatonin, the hormone that plays a role in inducing sleep, when it’s dark. If your hotel room doesn’t have good blackout curtains or your beachfront rental faces the 5 a.m. sunrise, there may be too much light to allow appropriate melatonin production and your sleep quality could suffer. Consider bringing along a good sleep mask to block out excess light, improve your vacation sleep, and help you get plenty of rest so you have plenty of energy for the ziplining excursion you have planned for mid-week.

Bring a little Zonkd With You!

It’s our experience that hotel pillows often fall into one of three categories - too flat, too lofty, or too hard. Combined with a poor mattress, it’s a recipe for a kinked neck or stiff spine that can all but ruin your vacation. You can’t do anything about the mattress, but you can at least bring your Zonkd down alternative, hybrid, or serene foam pillow along with you. This will at least give you the proper support recommended by physicians, and give you the best chance for a restful sleep even if you can’t have your Zonkd sleep system with you while you’re away!


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