How to Stay Cool When You Sleep

The normal body temperature of humans is right around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. While it’s true anything much higher can indicate illness, it’s also true that our body temperature fluctuates throughout the day and cools down by a few degrees at night while we sleep.

Why our temperature drops when we sleep isn’t fully known (maybe we all dream of Anarctica), but scientists do generally agree we sleep better when we’re cool. Physicians often look to body temperature when evaluating patients who complain of insomnia.

Staying cool seems to be key, but if you’re hot-natured or experiencing hormonal changes it can be a challenge. Here are some key things you can do to stay cool at night and improve your sleep.

Keep Your Room Cool

Experts suggest the optimum temperature in your bedroom hovers around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have central air conditioning, simple. Just set your thermostat to 65 degrees each night and you’re golden. If you don’t have central air, these alternative solutions may help:

  • Use a ceiling fan or electric fan to create a breeze and make you feel a bit cooler.
  • Room air conditioning units are an affordable option to bring the temperature down.
  • In the winter, open a window just a bit and let the chilly outside air cool down the inside temperatures.

  • Check the Humidity

    You know the old adage “it’s a dry heat?” There’s a reason why people can tolerate 110 degree temperatures in southwest. Dry air feels considerably cooler! If your house feels uncomfortably warm, test the humidity and remediate if levels are too high.

    Avoid Alcohol and Food Too Close to Bedtime

    Alcohol, food, certain medications, and exercise can cause the body’s metabolism and temperature to ramp up. It’s wise to avoid these things within two hours of bedtime to ensure your body temperature will be going down, not up.

    Take a Warm Bath

    A warm bath about 60 minutes before bedtime will raise your body temperature. When it inevitably drops afterward, your body will sense the temperature difference, and you’ll feel cooler and sleep better.

    Choose Sleepwear Wisely

    Some people say sleeping in the buff is the best way to keep cool at night, but if it’s not for you, think about some alternate options to traditional pj’s.

    Using the technology pioneered for performance athletic wear, there’s now lightweight, quick-drying, temperature for a cooler, drier sleep.

    Temperature Regulating Mattresses

    Look for a mattress designed to keep you cool. Memory foam is super comfortable, but it can trap heat. Look for a mattress infused with copper gel because copper is an excellent heat conductor. Infused into a mattress, it pulls heat away from the body, leaving you feeling much cooler.

    Zonkd can’t help you solve your air conditioning needs and we don’t make sleepwear, but all of our mattresses are copper gel infused and our pillows have cooling technology, too, that will help you sleep cooler for a more restful night’s sleep.


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