Is it Bad To Eat Right Before Bed?

Many people believe the myth that eating before bed will make you fat. They believe that the calories consumed right before sleeping are more sufficiently converted to fat. This is not true. Eating right before bed will not make you fat. When it comes to dieting, it is the total amount of calories consumed in a 24 hour period that will determine whether or not we’re going to gain weight. So choosing to eat a snack right before you go to sleep won’t wreck your diet, as long as that food is included in your total caloric intake. As long as the calories you consume right before bed are accounted for in your daily caloric allowance, those calories in and of themselves will not cause you to gain weight.


How Does Eating Right Before Bed Affect Sleep?

In terms of sleep: the effect eating right before bed has on sleep really depends on the individual. But it is important to remember that for the body to relax and be at peace it needs to get to a state of homeostasis (or stability). When the body is working hard to digest something you ate it is harder for the body to reach homeostasis making a person restless.


What foods to avoid before bed?

There are foods that aren’t recommended to consumer right before bed. Fatty foods, like fried foods, and protein rich foods are harder for the body to digest and thus not recommended right before bedtime since digestion makes it harder for the body to reach homeostasis. Spicy foods promote reflux and are also not recommended to consume too close to sleeping. Beans and some vegetables are gas-producing, which causes a bloated feeling that is not comfortable and can make it difficult to fall asleep. These are foods you should stay away from right before bed.


What Foods Can You Eat Before Bed?

If you must eat right before bed, try to a light snack. Fruit, such as berries or cherries can help ease any hunger pains and are easy on the digestive system. Also, there are some foods that can help you fall asleep. So, if it’s been a long day, you ate an early dinner and you’re starving right before bedtime, it is fine to eat something right before going to sleep.


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