Music to our {Sleeping} Ears

Lullabies aren’t just for babies! Some us need complete silence in order to fall asleep, while others need white noise or music. Studies show that music soothes your mind and can be an effective tool to help you fall asleep. However, not just any music will do. High-energy techno or screamo punk probably isn’t going to quiet your mind and send you off to dreamland.

What Kind of Music is Best for Sleeping?

Slow, instrumental songs with minimal bass and percussion are best for reducing anxiety and heart rates. When choosing music to fall asleep to, think about your heart rate. A resting heart rate is about 60 beats per minute, Listening to music of a similar beat structure can trigger your brain into synchronizing your heart beats to the music. Pretty cool, huh?

Since instrumentals are best for falling asleep, classical is the obvious choice, but not the only choice. We found some awesome Spotify playlists with relaxing tunes perfect for falling asleep:

  • Sleep - Includes soothing tunes by Reverie, Moon Laika, and John Foxx
  • Sleep Tight - This list includes Raindrops by Enzo, which we could probably just listen to on a loop and be off to dreamland in no time!
  • Falling Asleep - The music on this list is also great for meditation.

Be Safe While Falling Asleep to Music

Trying to fall asleep while listening to music with earbuds is simply not ideal. It’s uncomfortable and can cause wax build-up in your ears. It’s ideal to listen to music from an external device, such as your phone, computer, or a television. If you do not sleep alone and your partner cannot tolerate music while sleeping, in might be worth it to invest in Bedphones. Bedphones are thin and specially designed for comfortable listening at bedtime.

Music and a Zonkd Mattress: The Best Combination for a Beautiful Sleep Experience

Music may be a useful sleep aid, but it’s all for naught if you don’t have a comfortable mattress. All Zonkd mattresses include an ingenious 3-layer foam system designed for a cool, comfortable sleep. Find the ideal mattress for your sleep style and you and your new favorite Spotify list for sleeping will be on your way to the best slumber of your life!


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