Soft, Medium and Firm: A Guide to Mattress Firmness Levels

For the most restful and pain-free sleep, a proper mattress should support the spine, keeping the body and spine in a neutral position. However, because people come in all shapes and sizes, a proper mattress for one person might be the completely wrong one for another. This is why the one-size-fits-all model of many mattress-in-a-box companies does not work. On the other side of the argument, the millions of options that tradition mattress retailers offer are often seen as confusing and overwhelming. Recognizing these two facts, Zonkd mattresses come in three firmness levels to accommodate the various needs of people while not overwhelming them with options!

The firmness levels that Zonkd mattresses come in were carefully chosen to provide enough support and still be comfortable for everyone. To decide which is best for you, there are several factors that should be considered, all of which are addressed in our Choose Your Snooze quiz! But for further information, keep reading! 

Think of soft and firm as two ends of a scale with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

The Soft

You will rarely find a mattress that clocks in at a 1 on the firmness scale because it will not support the spine enough for healthy sleep. A 2,3, or 4 is a better choice for those who desire a soft, plush feel. A mattress on the soft end of the scale allows it to conform the closest to the body and relieves pressure points at the heaviest parts of the body. 

A soft mattress is typically suggested for side sleepers with a lower BMI because it allows more give for the shoulders and hips for better spinal alignment. People with a higher BMI will typically sink too much into the mattress, which will cause curvature to the spine.


The Medium

A medium mattress falls between 5 and 7 on the firmness scale. These are typically the most popular mattresses (and what you will find from companies who offer only one firmness level). They still contour to the body, and with enough top layer cushioning, there will be pressure point relief.

The medium mattress works for all sleep positions. It's also good for those who toss and turn throughout the night because a medium firmness level allows for more movement and not so much sinkage. 


The Firm

Finally, a firm mattress, which is measured at an 8-10 on the firmness scale, offers the most support. It does not have the same contouring properties as a soft mattress, but with enough top-layer cushion it will still have pressure point relief. 

A firm mattress isn't usually suggested for a side sleeper, especially if the sleeper has a smaller frame, but back sleepers and stomach sleepers might enjoy the the support of a firm mattress. 


In the end, firmness level is very subjective and what one person likes will vary greatly from others. So, our best advice is to listen to your body. If you like the cozy and plushness of a soft mattress and you don't wake up with a backache, then a soft mattress could be for you. If you need ultra support while sleeping, then the firm is probably for you. And if you just don't know, the medium mattress that is both cushy and supportive is a happy medium.

Don't forget, all of Zonkd's mattresses come with a 110 Night Risk-Free trial, so if you end up not thrilled with the mattress you chose, then we offer completely free returns! What do you have to lose? 


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