Spring Cleaning Doesn't End at the Closet

Spring has sprung, which means most everyone is purging their homes of all the things they accumulated during the cold winter months. People are scrubbing the floors, clearing out the fridge and tossing out clothes that they swore they'd wear at least once in the past year (disclaimer: they did not). While you're clearing your home for a fresh start this spring, don't forget to clean the place where you spend one-third of your life: your bed!


We hope everyone washes their sheets every two weeks, but a good thorough HOT water cleanse is probably in order. Maybe you wash your sheets on a more delicate cycle throughout the year, but maybe one hot cycle might help kill off any remaining bacteria that has built up over the past year.


Most people don't realize that a pillowcase isn't a fool-proof barrier between your pillow and the germs and bacteria that accumulate night after night. We recommend tossing your pillows (if they are machine-washable) into the wash at least twice a year. If your pillow is not machine-washable check to see if you have a zipper cover that can easily come off and be tossed into the wash. All of Zonkd's pillows have removable pillow covers that can be washed. Just be sure to throw in a dryer ball if you are washing the Down Alternative pillow to keep it fluffy!


We get it, cleaning something as big and bulky as your comforter is a daunting task. It may even require a trip to the dry cleaners depending on your comforter's washing instructions. But it's super important to clean your comforter because tens of thousands of dust-mites accumulate each year in your comforter. This can cause serious problems, especially for people with asthma. So do yourself a favor and give your comforter a thorough cleaning.


You spend a third of your life in your bed, yet it is probably the object that is neglected the most. Besides the obvious health benefits of a clean mattress, regular upkeep and care of a mattress will help make it last longer. Mattresses can be difficult to clean, but the Zonkd mattress has a zipper-cover that easily zips on and off for easy and efficient cleaning! 


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