Sunburn Treatments to Help You Sleep Better

Despite your best efforts, you’ve still managed to spend too much time at the pool or on the beach and the unhappy result is a nasty sunburn. Maybe you used a sunblock that expired four years ago. Maybe your hands just couldn’t reach all the way to your back. Maybe you just forgot to reapply.

Now you’re left with blazing red skin that feels like it’s seen the losing side of an attack by a porcupine. Just the idea of laying on a bed is excruciating. How are you going to get your much needed (and recommended) eight hours of shut-eye?

We’d like to give you a lengthy lecture on the dangers of sun exposure and out you to your mother. But instead, we’ll give you a break and share some tried and true remedies to help your skin recover faster and help you rest easier through the night.

Steep in Some Tea

Many years ago, during a college summer at the beach, a roommate got a really bad sunburn. Another friend jumped to the rescue, quickly collecting all of the tea bags she could find in our pathetically furnished pantry. Tea was steeped, water was cooled, and rags were dipped into the tea and applied to the sunburn. The next day, the burn was cured! The result came from the tannic acid in the tea.

Medics successfully used tannic acid during World War I to treat soldiers injured by bombs and mustard gas. Be glad you only have sunburn to deal with!

Chilled Aloe Vera and Lidocaine

It might seem weird to peer into a refrigerator and find medicated aloe vera gel, but during the summer months, the chilled gel can feel wonderful on a burn. The aloe vera naturally moisturizes your skin, and the lidocaine numbs it. The coolness of the refrigerated gel adds additional soothing.

An Oatmeal Bath

Colloidal oatmeal, found in most drug stores is a highly effective natural inflammatory. Soak in a tepid colloidal oatmeal bath for 10 - 15 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain. It will also leave your skin feeling really soft and smooth.


I don’t know about you, but I happen to love the smell of Noxzema. It reminds me of the beach … probably because my mother slathered me with it so often when I was a kid. The camphor in Noxzema acts as a minor pain reliever and it’s moisturizing to boot. Apply, let it soak in, and relax.

Cool Bedding

The last thing you want with a sunburn is to apply excess heat to your skin. That’s why bedding with cooling gel in the top layer of the mattress can be a huge boon if you’re suffering.

Zonkd’s mattresses are infused with cooling copper gel that pulls heat away from your body for a cool, comfortable sleep. If you try one of our remedies and add some comfy cotton sheets, we are pretty confident that, by morning, you’ll be rested and (hopefully) recovered. Just in time to head back out and have some fun. This time maybe with a shirt. And some sunscreen!


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