The Top Reasons Why It's Better to Buy Your Bed Online

We get it, shopping for a mattress online seems daunting and almost counterintuitive because a mattress is something you want to feel and really test out. But, we’re here to tell you that buying a mattress online actually makes more sense than from big box stores! Here’s why:

  • You save money! Buying online is much more economical. Because online mattress retailers cut out the middle-man, they are able to sell mattresses for around 15% less than the big box stores. Plus, most online mattress companies tend to always have special promotions to help you save more!
  • You save time and gas. No more spending an entire day driving from store to store in hopes of finding a mattress you might like. You can do all of your research from the comfort of your couch, while bingeing your favorite show.


  • No Distractions. When shopping online for your mattress, you don’t have the distractions that you would have in a big box store. You don’t have to worry if the kids are getting into something they shouldn’t. There are no other customers around as you awkwardly lie on a bed to test it out. There is no pushy salesman telling you this is the best deal you’re going to get, so act now! You can shop hassle-free, maybe even while sipping on your favorite glass of wine.
  • Doing research is a breeze! Instead of spending an entire day running between stores looking for your perfect mattress, you can read up on the descriptions of the mattresses that interest you, as well as their verified reviews. And, depending on how many sites you look at, this research could take less than an hour!
    • Free and easy delivery. When you buy a mattress from a store, if you don’t own a truck big enough to take it home with you that day, you have to schedule a time for the mattress to be delivered. During this window of time you can’t make plans because you have to be home to receive the mattress. When you buy online, the mattress comes with free shipping and will be delivered right to your doorstep in an easy-to-handle box, whether you’re home or not.
    • Easy to set up. If you’ve ever tried to get a mattress up some stairs, you probably can relate to Ross from Friends in the episode where he shouts “PIVOT” at Chandler. Sure they’re moving a couch, but the idea is the same with a mattress. When you shop online, your mattress is delivered in a convenient box, so it is much easier to carry up some stairs and down a hall. Or if you live in an apartment, the box easily fits into any elevator.
    • Risk-Free Trials. One of the biggest concerns people have about buying a mattress online is that they can’t feel the mattress that they are about to purchase. That is why when you buy online, we offer a 110 Night Risk-Free Trial, so you can sleep on your bed and truly get a sense of it. If within those 110 nights you come to realize your mattress is not right for you, we offer free returns! Besides how often do you actually lie on a mattress for the suggested 15 minutes in the store, anyways?

        Buying something as important as a mattress online can be unnerving, but the benefits tend to outweigh the risks. Why else would hundreds of thousands of people already have converted to online mattress shopping? When you buy online, you’re in good company! And if you're not completely convinced, check out why you should choose to shop and snooze with Zonkd!


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