The Zonkd Guide to the Perfect, Most Relaxing Mother’s Day Ideas

You may have read our previous blog post where we gave you an idea for the perfect Mother’s Day gift - a brand new Zonkd mattress to give her the best night’s sleep she’s had since, well, before she was a mother.

Now we want to help you out a little bit further by providing our favorite ideas to continue celebrating Mom’s special day, especially now that she’s completely and fully rested, so we’ve provided an itinerary that will take her, and the rest of you, through the day.

Plan Breakfast in Bed … if you must. But consider taking the kids out (shhh… quietly, while Mom’s still sleeping on that fabulous mattress) to a local bakery and letting them pick out her favorite pastries, along with some fresh fruit and espresso. This way, Mom gets to sleep in, the kids get to treat her to breakfast, and you get to be the hero because the kitchen will still be intact.

Send Her Out for a Mani-Pedi, While You and the Kids Clean the House.  It doesn’t have to be perfect - making the beds, running the vacuum, putting away all of those things laying around the house, and pulling out the duster will go miles toward making Mom really, really happy. Trust us.

Picnic in the Garden. If she likes flowers and the weather is good, plan on an early afternoon visit to a local garden where you can admire the blooms, maybe toss a Frisbee around, and enjoy a ready-made box lunch from a nearby deli. Easy, low-key, relaxing.

Come Home for a Mid-Day Nap. After the picnic, head home for a bit, and let Mom curl up in bed for a mid-afternoon nap. Throw on a little Jack Johnson, add some aromatherapy, and leave her be.  And while she’s sleeping …

… Take Her Car, and the Kids, Through the Car Wash. Remove the “wash me” scribbles from the exterior windows (very funny, guys), suck up the cheerios, cracker crumbs, and dog hair from the very deep down crevices, and when you’re finished, take that bag that’s been sitting in the way-back for months to Goodwill for donation.

Dinner!  Mom doesn’t want to cook on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t want to make a decision about where to go either. Please don’t ask. Make a reservation somewhere fun, somewhere kid-friendly, somewhere with great desserts, and head out the door. Enough said.

Prepare for the Morning. The next morning is Monday, and things will, alas, be back to normal. Do one last thing to make her day complete - make lunches for the kids and stick ‘em in the fridge. Make sure they have clean clothes. Get their backpacks ready. Prepare coffee in advance.

Send Her to Bed. When the day comes to a close, and the kids are sound out, there’s still that Zonkd mattress waiting to provide another awesome night’s sleep. What better end to Mother’s Day is there than that?

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