This Year’s Perfect Father’s Day Gift. Hint - It’s Not Another BBQ Apron!

What is it about Father’s Day gift guides? They always seem to center around gadgets and sporting equipment. We like to call them the basic Father’s Day gift. Yawn.

Don’t get us wrong, gadgets can be fun. A travel shoe shine kit in a neat little pouch seems like a good idea, and who doesn’t need a gourmet redwood grill set? Or a 14-in-1 multi-purpose stainless steel survival plier tool? Or a flask?

And while your pops may love to hunt, or golf, or even surf, does he really want another accessory to go along with his favorite sport? Really, how many golf tees and fishing lures does one man need?

If you’re as weary as we are of the basic Father’s Day gift, read on, because we have a cool idea for you. Why not buy your dad a mattress for Father’s Day?

Think about it -  a mattress could just be the perfect gift and here’s why:

  • A good mattress may compel him to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, instead of falling asleep on the sofa watching the Transformers for the fiftieth time. It may also help keep your sofa looking good longer because sofas, sadly, aren’t made with memory foam and you don’t want a dad dent in your cushions.

  • If your dad has been a dad for a while, his current mattress has probably seen its share of wear and tear from little people who seem to find any excuse possible to sleep with him, and who see it as their own personal jump house during the day. A new mattress, without all the dips and dents in it, is a luxury that will help him get a better night’s sleep, and a rested dad is a happy dad.


  • If your dad is a hot sleeper who’s constantly annoying his bed-partner by throwing covers off with reckless abandon, he’ll love our heat-reducing copper gel memory foam because it will give him the benefit of an incredibly comfortable bed without the pesky heatwave!


  • Does your dad wake up with a sore throat every morning? It’s likely that he snores, and snoring can mean interrupted, unhealthy sleep. Adding a couple of our premium pillows - down alternative, hybrid, or foam - may help his snoring problem and help everyone rest easier!

We think you’ll have to agree that a Zonkd mattress is miles away from being the basic Father’s Day gift. It’s definitely more like the best Father’s Day gift ever! Get yours today!


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