What He Really Wants in Bed

What does he really want in bed? I’ll admit, when this question was first posed to me, I thought, “well, it’s not rocket science, is it?”

Then I remembered this article is not for GQ or Cosmopolitan, and so its focus is not about what he wants in bed, so much as what he wants in a bed.

Since the answer to that question is a little less obvious, I began to get serious and think about all of the things a guy wants from a mattress, in terms of sleep and here’s what I found …

He wants things to be chill 

Is your S.O. really hot in bed? Good for you … but it might not be the desirable trait you think it is. Studies suggest we sleep better when we’re cool, and if he’s sleeping on a memory foam mattress, they’re notorious for holding heat.

Fortunately, Zonkd has found a brilliant solution to this problem - we’ve infused our mattresses with copper gel. Why is this important? Because copper is one of the best heat conducting metals around and does an excellent job of pulling heat away from his body as he sleeps. He might still be hot, but it won’t stop him from getting the cool, comfortable rest he deserves.


He needs lots of support

Guys might not like to admit it, but they need support too, both emotionally and physically. Zonkd can’t help with the feelings part of the equation, but our copper gel infused top layer, Talalay latex memory foam middle layer, and solid foundation layer work together to keep his spine perfectly aligned and offer the right support in all the right places.


He wants to be cuddled

Guys like to be cuddled sometimes. Like a considerate partner, memory foam provides a comforting hug. But sometimes, there’s too much hug, leaving you to feel a bit sunk down and trapped.

The Talalay latex memory foam in Zonkd is bouncier and less clingy for just the right amount of cuddle and none of the uncomfortable sinkage.

He doesn’t want to wake up stiff 

There’s nothing worse than waking up stiff. Not only does it take longer to get out of bed, but it also means a slow start to your day. It’s the result of not enough support in your mattress, whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or combo sleeper.

Fortunately, Zonkd mattresses come in three different firmness levels, so he can choose the perfect firmness level to accommodate his sleep style and leave him feeling rested and ready to face the day.


He wants to keep things clean

It's okay to be dirty in bed...sometimes, but not when it causes a build-up of dust, bacteria, and other cringe-worthy things.  Fortunately, the all-natural Talalay latex foam in our mattresses is antimicrobial and antibacterial, plus the copper inside actually destroys bacteria, yeasts and viruses on contact. And our removable antimicrobial cover acts as yet another barrier to keep unwanted dirt and bacteria at bay. It’s perfect for giving him a clean, comfortable sleep.

A Zonkd premium sleep product, delivered straight to his door with 110 nights to discover all of its great benefits? Who knew giving him what he wants in bed could be so easy!


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