What Kind of Mattress Should I Buy For My Kids?

Like everything else with kids, the decision about which mattress to buy for them is not a simple one. While it may seem easy at first - you may be tempted to go out and buy an inexpensive twin mattress and box spring for them - slow down a little. There are a number of things you should consider before making that purchase.


Twin beds might seem like the immediate choice, but the fact is, twin beds are pretty small and narrow. While they might seem like a fine size for your three-foot kindergartener, they’ll seem pretty cramped once the teen years come along and they’ve added two-and-a-half feet to their frame.

While you could purchase an extra long twin (80”), a full (75” but with extra width), or even a queen (80”), a full-size offers a happy medium. It provides extra room to snuggle with the little ones when reading them a bedtime story, plenty of room for their collection of loveys, and most important - extra room as they grow (and grow).


Support and Comfort

With all of the different types of mattress construction available today, it might seem daunting to determine the best one for kids. They have different needs than adults, after all.  Should you buy an innerspring? memory foam? latex foam? air mattresses?

It’s most important to look a product with plenty of support for their growing bodies, and plenty of plush comfort so they’ll actually want to crawl into bed for a full ten-hours of sleep.

Foam mattresses are fast becoming the most popular choice for their durability, comfort, and support and make an excellent choice for kids. Consider a durable, waterproof mattress cover, though, if your kids are younger.


As more and more kids are dealing with allergies and sensitivities and more parents are becoming aware of the potential toxins in our environment, it’s worth paying close attention to the materials used in the mattress.  

Zonkd’s premium mattresses offer a great option for kids because the Hybrid Copper infused memory foam is all natural. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial, and so is the cover. This is especially important because kids don’t tend to be as careful as adults about keeping dirty feet and shoes off their beds, or food, or even pets, all of which can contribute to a yuck factor that a regular mattress can’t withstand.

The Best Pillows

While you’re looking at mattresses, consider the right pillow for your child as well. Kids should not have an adult size pillow with lots of loft. Not only does it present a suffocation danger with very young kids, but it can hurt their necks if they provide too much elevation.

Aim for the pillow to put the neck in a neutral position with the spine. Zonkd’s Serene Foam Pillow is a good option for providing support and comfort, but without a great deal of loft.

Return Policy and Warranty

Sometimes after making a not inexpensive mattress purchase, you find it’s just not the right product for your child. And since kids can be harder on a mattress (you know they jump on it when you aren’t around), a warranty offering replacement or repair, is important.

Zonkd stands behind our products, offering both a 110-day trial period and a 10 year limited warranty, for a mattress you’ll want to buy and recommend.


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