What the Internet is Saying about Zonkd

See what the top mattress review sites have to say about Zonkd’s mattresses and pillows!



“If you’re a fan of memory foam but not crazy about the stuck-in-the-bed feeling it often produces, you’ll find a lot to love in this mattress.  This bed also had solid motion transfer results, which could make it a fantastic pick for couples.”


Sleep Sherpa

“People transitioning from a traditional innerspring mattress will appreciate the subtle bounce the latex layer provide while not taking away from the contouring benefits of the copper-infused top layer of foam.”


Memory Foam Talk

“Its unique design provides a very comfortable yet supportive solution that is ideal for all sleeping positions, especially side and back sleeping. It offers that classic memory foam feel of body hug and contour along with the bounce and responsiveness of latex, which results in not making you feel trapped in foam like other mattresses.”


Mattress Advisor

“This mattress had RJ and Asha feeling like they could easily stay zonked out if they adjusted positions while sleeping!”


Memory Foam Doctor

“…with great contouring for alignment and just the right amount of support for pressure relief. Overall, this is a great, affordable mattress, and the ease of ordering online only adds to my recommendation that you try it out.”


Mattress Junkie

“The Zonkd Down Alternative Pillow looks, feels, and sleeps well. Zonkd didn’t cut any corners with the pillows. Even the packaging had a high end feel to it. I like that the cofounders understood the struggle with the sleep industry and went out and changed it.”


“Due to frequent neck pain, foam is the most comfortable sleep surface for me personally. The Serene Foam is extremely comfortable. If you like foam pillows, you will love the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow.”


You be the judge!  Try Zonkd's ultra comfortable mattresses and luxuriously soft pillows  now with a 110-night risk free trial.  Get ready for a better night’s sleep.


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