What Type of Foundation Should You Use for Your Zonkd Mattress?

If you’re new to the world of memory foam mattresses, you might find yourself wondering exactly how this whole foam mattress thing is supposed to work. They don’t come with a boxspring! What the heck is the bed supposed to go on?

It’s a valid question. Memory foam and latex foam constructions are totally different than traditional inner coil mattresses. They’re denser and heavier, and without the proper support, any warranty could be voided.


We recently launched our very own mattress foundation line, so you don't have to scour the internet looking for one. However, we want you to know about all the options. So to help you out, we’re providing a rundown of the different foundation options available, so when your new Zonkd mattress is delivered (for free!) you’ll be ready to set it up in a way that works best for you!

Flat on the Floor

Many people don’t use a platform at all - they place their mattress flat on the floor. This would seem to be more popular with the younger crowd. It’s got a kind of cool, bohemian vibe that’s popular right now.

Advantages: The floor joists and plywood subfloor construction of buildings provides more than enough support and you won’t have to pay extra for a foundation.

Disadvantages: The mattress is low to the floor, which isn’t for everyone. Tucking sheets in can be difficult, and you may have to buy new bedding that isn’t so big that it overflows onto the floor. Plus, placing the mattress on the floor doesn’t allow for breathability, which may promote mildew growth.

A Low Profile Box Spring Foundation

This is a foundation that offers the support of a box spring alternative, but it’s low to the ground. If effectively lifts the mattress off the floor by a few inches while still providing support.

Advantages: If you like the look of a low bed, this allows you to achieve it while also having the breathability recommended for a foam mattress.

Disadvantages: It’s lower in height than a traditional foundation so if you don’t like that look, it might not be for you. Also, this puts you at head height for most furry friends.

A Slatted / Platform Foundation

A slatted foundation, also known as a bunkie board, is one that’s raised off the floor, with slats running across the width of the base. Look for a base with slats that are no further 3” apart from each other.

Advantages: The design of this foundation - lifted off the floor with slats, provides needed breathability for a foam mattress, preventing moisture buildup and the possibility of any mold or mildew growth.

Disadvantages: Be careful to buy a good quality foundation so it provides adequate support for the weight of the mattress and your body. A poor quality material that sags or otherwise doesn’t offer proper support negates the advantages of a memory foam mattress and could void the warranty.

A Frame and Box Spring Alternative Foundation

The traditional metal frame and box spring foundation is another option that will work for a memory foam mattress, but it’s imperative to ensure the frame has an additional center support bar and “leg” that extends to the floor. And the box spring should be one made specifically for memory foam. This means that instead of the traditional coils, with steel grids or wood that provide even weight distribution and very little give.   

Advantages: Box springs are relatively inexpensive, and raise the mattress off the ground to a comfortable height.

Disadvantages: Box springs must be constructed for use with a foam mattress, providing the necessary support; otherwise the mattress won’t perform correctly and you could void your warranty. Also, some box springs are designed in such a way that they benefit from being turned or flipped. The heavy weight of a foam mattress on top can make this extremely unwieldy.

Adjustable Bed Foundation

An adjustable base has hinges that allow the accompanying mattress to be raised or lowered into different positions. Some bases allow for the height to be adjusted up and down, and other presets such as anti-gravity, timed adjustments, and massage options.

Advantages: Adjustable bases can help with a variety of health conditions that inhibit sleep, including snoring and acid reflux. It can help alleviating leg pain or swelling as well as relieve individual pressure points depending on your specific area of pain.

Disadvantages: The movement of the base means more wear on the foam of the mattress. And adjustable bases are more expensive than other foundations.

Or you could always shop the Zonkd Mattress Foundation line to find the perfect set up for your new mattress!



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