Why Sleeping In on Summer Weekends Might Be Good for Your Health

Studies show adults should be getting seven hours of sleep per night - too much more, or less, and we could be shaving years off our lives. Yikes!

But in reality, most of us find it impossible to maintain that level of discipline every. single. day. Sometimes, we just can’t sleep and find it more productive to stay up and get some work done on a pressing project. Sometimes, we’re out having fun with friends well after 10 p.m. And sometimes we have young kids who have other ideas about us getting a solid seven each night.

Fortunately, we might be in luck. A recent study suggests we can make up our sleep deficit and counteract the negative byproducts of not getting enough rest during the week by sleeping in on the weekends.

So what does all this mean for you? It means you should free yourself from feeling guilty for sleeping late on the weekends, of course! And as summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to treat our weekends as mini vacations and catch up on those life-affirming z’s.

If you know you need to make up a sleep deficit but worry you’ll never be able to stay asleep past 6 a.m., try these tips to help you snooze a little longer on the “S” days.

  • Trick Yourself into Pretending It’s Night

  • Close your blinds and consider investing in black-out curtains to keep out the sun. No, we’re not suggesting you live in a cave, but if you’re trying to sleep later, you may be able to trick your body into thinking it’s earlier than the clock says by keeping out any morning light.

  • Wear Ear Plugs

  • Nothing is likely to wake you up faster than people banging around the house. Foam earplugs, available at the drug store, can help block out excess noise and keep you snoozing longer.

  • Keep Your Room Cool

  • Make sure your thermostat is auto-programmed to stay cool on weekend mornings. We sleep better when we’re cool and by keeping temperatures consistent, you’re more likely to stay asleep.

  • Try Playing White Noise

  • Some people find that white noise - either from an app on your phone, or from running a fan in your room, can help to soothe your mind and block out distractions.

  • Keep Your Phone Out Of Your Room

  • Phones are a huge distraction. Not only can the blue light from them can keep you awake, the alert sounds from incoming texts and emails can wake you up too soon. And once you’re half awake, it can be awfully tempting to start scrolling through social media and the day’s news.

  • Make Sure Your Bed is Sleep Enhanced

  • Uncomfortable bed linens, mattress and pillow can leave you feeling as sore and achy in the morning and can counteract the desire to sleep in. Investing in quality bedding like a Zonkd premium mattress with dual layer cooling system, and a down alternative, serene foam, or hybrid pillow may go miles toward getting an extended night’s snooze!

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