Why You Sleep Better on Vacation and How to Mimic it at Home

We’re able to sleep in so easily when we’re on vacation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do the same on our regular days off of work? Read on for some key info about the things that make vacation time that’s so much more conducive to sleep, and tips on how can you mimic it every other day of the year!

Hotel Rooms Are Cooler

Hotel rooms aren’t more awesome than your room at home. Their temperature is just usually cooler and studies show we sleep better when it’s between 60 and 67 degrees.

Do this at home: If you have air conditioning, try setting the temperature around 65 degrees overnight. If you don’t have a/c, use a ceiling fan or portable fan to make you feel cooler, switch to pj’s and sheets made of breathable cotton, and consider a mattress with cooling gel memory foam to pull excess heat away from your body.

Hotel Rooms Have Blackout Curtains

Every hotel we’ve ever been in have used blackout curtains which are incredibly useful for blocking outside light at night and bright sunshine first thing in the morning. Excess light can disrupt our circadian rhythm so it’s best to darken your room for better sleep.

Do this at home: Replace shades that don’t adequately block light with lined blinds and blackout curtains for your bedroom, and then use them diligently on the weekends to keep you from waking earlier than desired.

Hotel Rooms Have Lots of Pillows

Did you ever notice how many pillows are on your hotel bed? Usually there are at least four! You may not realize it, but the extra loft they provide can help position your head better and prevent sleep interrupting snoring and apnea.

Do this at home: How old (and flat) are your pillows? If the answer is pretty old, it may be time to invest in new, memory foam pillows that will give you extra height and maybe better sleep.

It’s Quieter on Vacation

When you’re relaxing at a resort, chances are any ambient noise from outside is generated by natural sounds rather than man made. A calmer, quieter environment makes you more likely to catch undisturbed sleep.  

Do this at home: If you live on a noisy street, or in a noisy house, try blocking out excess sounds. Experiment with noise machines with natural sounds that relax, rather than stimulate your brain and inexpensive foam earplugs that muffle ambient noise.

Hotels Have Different Mattresses

Hotels are increasingly replacing old-style inner-spring mattresses with memory foam models that offer a much more comfortable rest.

Do this at home: Whether your mattress is innerspring or memory foam, mattress technology has improved dramatically in recent years and it might just be time for a replacement. Zonkd offers a talalay latex memory foam mattress with a gel cooling layer for optimum, vacation-worthy comfort.

Zonkd doesn’t sell curtains or noise machines, but we do make some pretty great pillows and mattresses! Check us out and #chooseyoursnooze for a vacay-worthy sleep experience every day of the year!


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