How A Zonkd Mattress Compares Against Mattress Advisor’s Top Reviewed Mattresses

When Zonkd set out to create the perfect mattress, we knew focusing on quality, comfort, coolness, and ease of use were at the top of our list of things we wanted to get right. That’s because we’d encountered too many other mattress companies that had just missed the mark on these key elements.

So we weren’t surprised when Mattress Advisor, one of the top names in mattress review websites, completed a thorough review of the top names in the sleep industry, and agreed that Zonkd has achieved what we originally set out to do!

Zonkd Mattresses Are Cooler than Other Top Bed-In-A-Box Mattress Products

Zonkd’s premium copper gel memory foam received an 8.7 out of 10, making us better at keeping hot sleepers cool than other top competitors, including Casper, Leesa, Nectar, and Purple!

No wonder. We thoroughly researched the most technologically advanced ways to alleviate the heat entrapment problem that was one of the biggest complaints with memory foam. Our solution - utilizing copper because it’s the top heat conducting metal around - turned out to be a winner. Unlike many of our competitors that structured the foam cells to rely on increased air flow, our copper gel actually does a better job by conducting more heat away from the body, and through the mattress, so you simply don’t feel hot!

Our Mattresses Are Great for Side Sleepers!

Mattress Advisor rated Zonkd 8.7 out 10 for side sleepers. Not only did their reviewers find that Zonkd’s mattress offers nearly perfect spinal alignment when sleeping on their side, they also found that Zonkd’s premium Talalay latex and memory foam construction offered great pressure relief.

Motion Transfer? What motion transfer?

Nobody likes being disturbed in bed by a partner who gets up often throughout the night, or occasionally experiences restless sleep. That’s part of the reason Zonkd chose premium Talalay latex foam over standard memory foam in our mattresses - for better overall comfort when two people are using the bed.

Mattress Advisor found that to be a good choice! Reviewers laid on our mattresses in pairs, blindfolded, to test perceived movement, simulate what happens when co-sleepers toss and turn through the night. The result? There was almost no movement felt with Zonkd’s premium sleep products. And when Mattress Advisor reviewers added the wine test - placing a glass of red wine (gulp!) on one side of the mattress while a human moved around on the other, not a drop was spilled. We (again) beat out the top competitors in the mattress-by-mail category!

Overall, Mattress Advisor gave Zonkd superior marks with an overall 8.7 out of 10 rating for our mattresses. And if that isn’t enough reason to give us a try, we offer free shipping, a 110-night free trial period - longer than any of our competitors, and free returns if you aren’t completely satisfied. Try Zonkd today for a better sleep tomorrow!


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