Zonkd Partners With Wrenn House to Support Youth in Need

Zonkd Helps Support Homeless and Runaway Youth through Partnership with Wrenn House

Zonkd,  an advocate for the support of local children, is giving back to the community through a partnership with Wrenn House, a program of the well-known and local to Raleigh, NC, nonprofit Haven House Services.

Wrenn House provides a safe environment for youth who run away from home, who are homeless, or are otherwise in a crisis situation. Children and their safety has always been close to the hearts of the Zonkd founders. After learning that Wrenn House is the only homeless, runaway and crisis intervention program and shelter for youth in the Triangle, the Zonkd organization felt called to help in any way it can.

This support manifested itself as an ongoing partnership between Zonkd and Wrenn House. Zonkd has pledged to provide a new pillow and duffle bag to every child that seeks refuge at Wrenn House. A co-founder of Zonkd, Amanda Rudie, said, “When we learned that many children come to Wrenn House with nothing but a trash bag to carry their belongings in, we knew that this is something we had to do. We are thrilled that we can provide support to a local company that is doing so much good in our community.”

“Haven House Services is honored that Zonkd chose to partner with Wrenn House,” said Michelle Zechmann, Chief Executive Officer of Haven House Services. “It is great to see a young company so dedicated to integrating social responsibility into its business plan, and we are grateful to be the recipient of their generosity.”

To kickoff this partnership and to celebrate National Sleep Week, which was March 11-17, the Zonkd co-founders delivered the first round of donated pillows and duffle-bags to Wrenn House at its West Morgan Street location in Raleigh on March 12, 2018. 


Back row (from left): Haven House Services (HHS) Board Member Brad Davis, Zonkd Team Member Carolyn Graven, HHS Board Chair Nina Long, HHS CEO Michelle Zechmann, and HHS Board Member Nancy Brawley. In the front row are: Zonkd Team Member Amanda Rudie, HHS Director of Crisis and Homeless Services Kelsey Mosley, and Zonkd Team Member Carly Griffin.

About Zonkd

Zonkd develops luxurious mattresses and pillows designed with comfort in mind. This premium sleep company also provides customers with direct access to quality craftsmanship usually only found in high-end mattress and bedding stores. It offers a full product line with high-quality options that meet a range of needs and sleep styles. Zonkd was founded by a team of women with years of experience in the sleep product industry and have a deep understanding of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Their goal is to make it easy for customers to get an exceptional sleep experience delivered right to their doorstep. Zonkd is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. For more information, go to www.zonkd.com.

About Haven House Services

The mission of Haven House Services (HHS) is to help youth be safe, supported, and successful. Currently, Haven House Services runs 11 programs that reach more than 1,200 youth who are homeless, in crisis, or having difficulty at school, home, or in the community. Since 1981, HHS has operated Wrenn House, the only temporary shelter for youth ages 10-17 in the Triangle. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Wrenn House helps youth find a safe, stable living arrangement and connects youth to long-term supports and services they need to stabilize their situation and get their life on a positive, productive path.  Last year, 120 youth found safe haven at Wrenn House, and staff handled more than 600 crisis calls. For more information, go to www.havenhousenc.org.


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