Choosing the Right Pillow for Spinal Alignment and Optimal Comfort

There are as many pillows on the market as varieties of cars in lots. One's head can spin trying to make sense of the choices.

Pillows have a huge impact on sleep and with the wrong pillow, insomnia and muscle tension can result in negative implications in one's daily life.

Understanding Pillow Cores

There are different types of pillow cores for different kinds of sleepers.

  • As a stomach sleeper, one would want a flat pillow to keep the back from arching unnaturally. If you’re a stomach sleeper, try out our fiber filled cores!
  • As a side sleeper, a more puffy, dense pillow will help keep one's head in line with the spine. Side sleepers also like leg-spacer pillows or extra-long pillows to place on the stomach for balance. If you sleep on your side, the foam core might be the perfect one for you.
  • Back sleepers need a medium filled pillow which won't push the head unnaturally forward. Alignment is the key to finding the right pillow according to sleep expert, Michael Breus, Ph.D. With its two-dimensional feel, the hybrid core will provide cushy support for those who sleep on their backs!


Understanding Pillow Covers

Just as different types of sleepers prefer different types of pillow cores, Zonkd provides different materials for the covers based on an individual’s needs.

  • The Go To pillow cover is based off everyone’s favorite t-shirt. It is as relaxed as the t-shirt that has been washed numerous times.
  • The Go Getter pillow cover is made of legging materials for those who are always on the go and need a little extra cooling effect.
  • The Big Softy pillow cover is as snuggly as a sweatshirt and extremely soft to the touch to create the perfect cushion for your head.

No one’s sleep needs match that of someone else’s, so Zonkd wants you to choose how you snooze, from the core to the cover!


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