About Us

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With years of experience in sleeping, the Zonkd team still had not
found the perfect pillow. Frustrated with the sleep industry's claims
of what constituted the one-size-fits-all pillow, we embarked on
a mission to find such a pillow.
After countless hours of research, one universal truth rang out:
there are no conclusive studies that prove one combination of
materials is best for optimal sleep.
Every person is unique and requires something a little different when
it comes to getting the best night’s sleep. Zonkd understands that
no one knows your sleep as well as, well, you.
After all, you’ve been sleeping your whole life!

Quality Materials for a Quality Sleep

We know that every good day starts with a great night's sleep, so we did
our homework. We worked with sleep industry professionals to
find and test materials that complimented and encouraged a restful night.
Zonkd pillow cores and covers are carefully crafted in the United States to
ensure long-lasting quality. All you have to do is make a choice!
We might not be able to tell you which pillow will fit your
sleep and lifestyle perfectly, but we can build you a
personalized pillow that you know will give you the best

A Pillow as Unique as You

Zonkd believes in people’s individuality and celebrates that
by offering a pillow to you, made by you.
You are the expert when it comes to your personal sleep,
so Zonkd lets you choose foam or fiber or both. We believe
that you should decide what kind of fabric your head rests
upon for a third of your life and which color is most calming to you.
It’s your sleep. Choose the way you snooze.

Versatile, too!

Recognizing that people change, Zonkd engineered every
cover to fit each core, so should your sleep preferences
change, you can always choose a new way to snooze.