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We’re sleep obsessed. We love the feeling of falling into bed after a long day. We love rainy days that make us feel less guilty about staying in bed all day. We love snuggling and cuddling under the covers. If we could, we’d spend all day every day in our beds. However, not if our beds were uncomfortable, and let us tell you, at one point, our beds were very uncomfortable.

Raleigh local business

We’re the cofounders of Zonkd, and we met while working in Raleigh, NC for a company that manufactured sleep products for the biggest names in the business. We often found ourselves discussing the pros and cons of the big box mattress retailers we encountered on a daily basis and usually ended up with more cons. Not only that, but when people found out we worked in the sleep industry their first question was often, “So you must have THE BEST mattress, right?” Unfortunately, for us sleep-obsessed people, that wasn’t the case. But what if it could be…?

We started dreaming up what would make the absolute best mattress and we had some criteria that needed to be met:

  1. Ultimate Comfort – for all the sleeping, snuggling, cuddling, and Netflixing we did.
  2. High Quality – we aren’t made of money and wanted something that will last and remain comfortable (Re: #1) night-after-night, nap-after-nap…you get the picture
  3. Something Cool – we’re huge fans of the memory foam mattress, but not huge fans of how hot they can become
  4. Ease – Hey! We’re busy people and don’t have time to go to a big box store, awkwardly pretend to sleep on a mattress, choose one (that probably wasn’t right), and then somehow get it home and set it up

memory foam mattress development

 For a while, such a mattress seemed like a pipe dream. We knew we could find mattresses that ticked one or maybe two of our criteria, but we’re all-or-nothing people…All-or-nothing people who happened to work and have connections inside the sleep industry.

So, with our knowledge and connections, we set out to create our perfect mattress. We started with number 1. Comfort. No one wants to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. When was the last time you awoke after sleeping on a bad mattress and thought, man I feel well-rested! We’re guessing never. However, we ran into an issue here. We thought comfort would be universal, it was not.

One of us was convinced that the softer the mattress the better, that falling into bed should feel like falling into a cloud, a big and soft and squishy cloud. The other wanted something with much more sustenance, something that was soft enough to give and contour to the body but provided ultimate support. Which made us realize, we were just two people- everyone probably has different wants and needs. This realization led us on a hunt for a way to bring different comfort choices to sleepers, while keeping them all at the same price. Because you should never be penalized for how you like to sleep!

talalay latex foam mattress

Enter Talalay Foam. We found this interesting type of foam that we can tweak the density of to alter the firmness level. It’s the part of the mattress that acts like the springs in a traditional mattress, but without the horrible inevitability of wearing down or poking you in the back one day. We found a range of firmness levels, from soft to firm and were able to check off our first box.

We’re firm believers in memory foam mattresses. They’re soft. They contour to the body. They don’t transfer motion. Memory foam is a high-quality material that is in high demand. And with our connections and knowledge, we were able to find the best memory foam that wouldn’t wear down in just a few sleeps. And just like that, we had ticked off our second demand.

dual layer cooling system, copper gel memory foam, talalay latex foam

But wait! Isn’t memory foam inherently hot? Yes, which violated our third criteria. This sent us on a hunt for the solution, which we found in copper form. Copper is a conductive element, meaning it is naturally temperature-regulating. We worked with our foam supplier to create a copper-gel memory foam solution that would dissipate body heat, allowing a comfortably cool sleep all night long. And because Copper is a naturally occurring element, we didn’t have to use any chemicals that could be harmful to us or the environment.

easy to move bed in a box

There was just one more box to check. Ease. For this, thankfully we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Because of our ingenious 3-layer foam mattress system, we can easily roll this mattress up, stick it in a box, and ship it anywhere! It gets better. Once it arrives, it’s easy to maneuver through a house, up the stairs, into an elevator, wherever you need it to go! Once it’s in positon, cut it out of its plastic wrapping, unroll it, and within minutes it expands into the mattress that’s just right for you, the sleeper, because you were able to choose your snooze!




The Zonkd Difference

Quality Construction

Our network of suppliers, engineers, and craftspeople build quality and durability into every Zonkd product.

Intentional Design

From premium fabrics to precision stitching, we put care and attention into every detail, so you can sleep in style and comfort.

Ample Choices

There is no "universal fit" when it comes to your bed. We offer a range of choices to help you build your ideal sleep experience.
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Premium fabrics. Quality materials. Ultimate comfort.

Zonkd puts you to sleep in style, with mattresses and bedding designed to deliver the support you need and the comfort you crave. Durable construction, premium materials, and quality craftsmanship make our beds so restful, you’ll want to hit snooze a few more times.

Backed by a team with years of experience, Zonkd blends an established network of craftspeople with a modern delivery system to give you the best of both worlds. With options to suit different needs and sleep styles, you can get the bed of your dreams delivered directly to your door.