Talalay vs. Dunlop

Zonkd chose Talalay Latex because the Talalay process creates a more breathable foam, resulting in a mattress that allows for a cooler and drier sleep.

Latex is extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as the Rubber Tree, in a milky liquid state. There are two processes to transform it into the elastic foam layers that are used in mattresses: the Dunlop process and the Talalay process.

Both processes start by whipping the liquid latex with curing agents to create a batter. This latex batter is then poured into a mold. The Dunlop process stops here, but the Talalay process goes further, sealing the mold with a vacuum, so the latex is distributed more evenly and completely. It is then flash frozen, which locks the latex into place so that the foam has a consistent cell structure.

These two extra steps, the vacuum seal and the flash freezing, give the Talalay Latex its premium properties, such as more airflow and breathability, over the Dunlop process.

But don't take our word for it, our Talalay Latex supplier proves that Talalay Latex foam is more breathable than its Dunlop Latex process counterpart.

Watch the video from our Talalay Latex partner to see Talalay Latex Foam in action!
zonkd talalay latex mattress distributes weight evenly

Say Goodbye to that Stuck Feeling

Memory foam is a high-quality material that is in high demand for mattress. However, many people dislike the "stuck" feeling associated with memory foam mattresses.
Thanks to Talalay Latex, the "stuck" feeling can be a thing of the past.

Talalay Latex is more buoyant and springier than both Dunlop Latex and memory foam. Using it as our second layer of foam in the Zonkd mattress ensure that the sleeper is elevated and never sinks into our mattress.

As demonstrated by this pressure map, you can see that the sleeper is elevated correctly that that their weight is evenly distributed.

A More Consistent and Comfortable Feel

The flash freezing of the Talalay Latex prevents the latex particles from settling to the bottom of the mold, which can cause the the latex to be a more solid, less buoyant, substance. Flash freezing latex ensures the latex particles are suspending consistently while the liquid latex freezes into its more solid foam form. This means a more consistent and comfortable feel throughout the mattress.
Good for you!
The Talalay Latex used in our mattresses is Oeko-Tex certified as a Class 1. This is the highest rating possible. Talalay Latex is free from harmful substance and even safe for babies!
Good for the environment!
The Talalay Process doesn't harm the environment. Talalay latex comes from renewable resources and water-based raw materials, and the extraction process does not harm the rubber trees.
Made in the USA!
Zonkd Talalay Latex is manufactured by Talalay Global in Shelton, CT, USA.
Due to it being a natural substance, Talalay Latex is mold,
mildew and dust-mite resistant and antibacterial and antifungal. So, Talalay
Latex foam the ideal for people with allergies and asthma.
Talalay Latex cells are 50% larger than Dunlop Latex cells,
which allows 228% more airflow that results in a mattress that is cooler all
night long.
No Off-Gassing!
Synthetic foam and polyurethane are known for off-gassing,
which causes that "new bed smell". Talalay Latex is all natural, so
there are no harmful chemicals to be released!

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