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A Difference You Can Wake Up To


We're on a mission to deliver premium sleep products
directly to your door.

We were already working inside the sleep products industry when we started dreaming about Zonkd. Mattress-in-a-box companies were totally changing the way people thought about sleep, and we loved the way they made it easier to buy a mattress. What didnʼt impress us is the quality, durability, or the assumption that one mattress fits all.

We started Zonkd to offer something better: the thoughtful details and quality craftsmanship usually only found in high-end sleep products and bedding brands, with choices to suit different sleep styles. We call ourselves a sleep experience company because for us, itʼs not about being first to market or building a quirky persona; itʼs about helping people sleep better.

Choose Your Snooze

When you choose to snooze with Zonkd, you are getting top-quality sleep products designed with you in mind. Zonkd products are available in three firmness levels developed to meet your preference and sleep style.

Side Sleeper

Back Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

It's All In The Details


Our network of suppliers, engineers, and craftspeople build quality and durability into every Zonkd product.

Intentional Design

From premium fabrics to precision stitching, we put care and attention into every detail, so you can sleep in style and comfort.


There is no "universal fit" when it comes to your bed. We offer a range of choices to help you build your ideal sleep experience.

Everybody Deserves a Good Night's Sleep

Sleeping better starts with giving back, and when you choose to snooze with Zonkd, you can rest assured that your purchase is also helping those in need. Zonkd is partnering with a local non-profit that helps at-risk youth find a safe place to live, because we believe it is important to give back to the community that has supported us and our dreams throughout the years.

Sleep Easy With Zonkd

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