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Satisfaction & Convenience in Textile Products

Meet Zonkd

Our Company

Zonkd began as a sourcing company in Asia but quickly expanded to Central America and Mexico to improve service offerings, lead times, and risk. Having a global footprint allows Zonkd to truly tailor solutions to meet customer needs ranging from design, material planning, or final mile delivery, all with unrivaled value.

We're a leading supplier of products and services to the home furnishings industry.


Global Infrastructure

At Zonkd we have over 600 associates representing over five nationalities and a wealth of cultures.  We believe diversity helps us maintain better perspective and ultimately deliver better service and products for our customers.


Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to continually raise the bar in how people experience our company by using communication and innovation to help customers discover value and empowering our partners to maximize their success. We aim to be the best communicators on the planet.

Our vision: To be the standard of excellence for delivering satisfaction and convenience in textile products.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Orientation

Zonkd starts with the customer and works backwards. We work tirelessly to earn and keep customer trust.

Create Value

Value is anything Zonkd can do that makes someone else’s life happier, easier or more profitable.


Understand and be understood.

Teaching | Learning

When we teach, we learn.

Earn Trust

At Zonkd we listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.

Commit and Close

Speed matters in business. Debate, decide, commit and complete!
Our Services

Design, Manufacturing & Finished Goods

Zonkd is privileged to work with over 100 factory/suppliers. Our capabilities are vast, including design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, supplier managed inventory, warehousing/distribution, and custom services.  Our clients value our low-cost, near-shore manufacturing, our Quality Assurance Program / ISO 9001, and our dedicated customer service.


End-to-end design development; state of the art industry design software; fabric simulation systems.


Cut & sew operations; 600 sewing positions; quilting machines; twenty-head embroidery machines; laminating machine; automated cutting machine; large scale cutting tables.

Finished Goods

Pillow covers, zipper covers, FR mattress caps & socks, mattress toppers, foundation covers, pet beds, & furniture covers.

customer successes

Our Portfolio

Zonkd provides cut and sewn products to the home furnishing industry on a global scale. Our portfolio includes renderings of our end-to-end design services, developed using state of the art industry design software and fabric simulation systems.

The latest from zonkd

News & Media 

Dolven Enterprises is now Zonkd, Inc.

We are very excited to announce that in January 2021, Dolven Enterprises Inc was renamed to Zonkd, Inc. The name Zonkd pays homage to our origins in, and continued dedication to, the sleep industry. We also believe this name better reflects our personality and will help us attract new talent and be more memorable for those we interact with.